Kabhi na kabhi koi na koi to aayega

Posted by mdasif on November 7, 2016

Haha.. this is something i intended to write for some time now. Most of my friends know that i am in search for ‘someone’ in my life. Now this ‘someone’ in itself is very hazy concept. We dont know who, how, when, where we will meet this particular person. But we have our hopes and aspirations of finding someone.

As i am fond of explaining eveny situation with Hindi movie songs, I have made a list of songs which fits for the yearning in such situation. Two songs which (sort of) describes predicament that 1 year can made for me :P

Hai apna dil to awara
Here is very young Dev saab telling you that his heart is vangabond; it has never found a place to dwell. Fawned upon by beautiful females but at heart he is a nomad.

haseeeno nai bulaya, gale se bhi lagaya
bahut samjhaya yahi na samjha
bahut bhola hai bechara na jane kispe aayega

Although he has been willing to fall in love, but circumstances were never in his favor.

Zamana dekha saara, hai sabka sahara, ye dil hamara hua na kisika
Safar mai hai ye banjara, na jane kispe aayega

hua jo kabhi razi to mila nahi qazi,
jaha pe lagi baazi wahi pe hara
zamane bhar ka nakara na jane kispe aayega

This was Dev Anand with his charming mischievous best with his endearing gap-toothed grin.

Kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin
Dev Anand, again, but what a change! He is no longer the happy lover, with a roaming heart. It is not his heart, but he, who is the awaara.

kabse tanha ghoom raha hu duniya ke veerane mai
Kisine mera dil dekha na dil ka paigaam suna
mujhko bas awaara samjha jisne mera naam suna
Ab tak sabne thukraya koi to pass bithayega

Here is the flip side of yearning, the sadness, the despair, of never having found that one person to love and be loved. There is the deep seated desire to hear a voice.

Kabhi toh dega sannate mein pyar bhari awaaz koi,
Kaun ye jaane kab mil jaaye raste mein humraaz koi

who knows when and where he will find her? So i sing, tu kahan ye bata ish naseeli raat mai, maanena ye mera dil deewana