Achcha ji mai haari

More than just love IV

Posted by mdasif on October 22, 2016

I love this song, simply and utterly love it. This is not really a romantic song but best ever roothna-manana song ever picturized in hindi cinema. The banter between our heroine Madhubala and her beloved played by Dev Anand takes it to next level especially the fact Dev Saab is super sulky and retorting to every line of Madhubala. Considering that he does have a right to be upset (she accuses him of being unfaithful), and considering that her apology is half-baked (Well, she keeps saying 'maan jao na' but it seems more like a demand than a serious apology.), and she does seem to think he couldn't do much if they split (Char kadam bhi chal na sakoge, samjhe?) I can't really blame Dev for being huffy.

I mean, the least you can do after you have accused your beloved of infidelity is to apologise abjectly. Though I suppose, if the accuser is Madhubala, and she looked so sparkly, she can be forgiven.

They are a delightful couple to watch. A dream pair everyone would love to be and grow old teasing each other even when they are grandparents.

Achcha jee mai haari chalo maan jao na
dekhi sabki yaari mera dil jalao na

Rafi saab and Asha Bhosle at their playful best.

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