Hamein kaash tumse

Story of heartbreak I

Posted by mdasif on January 26, 2016

To me, Love defies logic. It defies reason too. It's illogical, unmechanical indefinable. Perhaps that's the attraction of it. that's what make it beautiful. But Love can hurt too. That's the dark side of it. A wrong twist of fate, and you are left with a broken heart.

My first song in this list is about the a love story which was doomed from the day one. She is a dancer in court and He is, well he is Mughal-e-Azam. Both knows their story wont have a happy ending, more the lady than the guy. Although the calamity is yet to strick but the lady's heart is breaking over the impending diaster.

the ache, the regret, if only ..

Hamen kaash tumse mohabbat na hoti
Kahaani hamaari haqeeqat na hoti
Na dil tum ko dete na majboor hote
Na duniya na duniya ke dastoor hote
Qayamat se pahle qayamat na hoti
Hamein kaash tumse mohabbat na hoti

I wish that I was never in love with you
then my story wouldn't be the truth
Neither would I have given my heart to you nor would I be compelled
there wouldn't be the conventions of the world
there wouldn't be this disaster before the actual disaster
I wish that i was never in love with You

then she acknowledges her part

Hum hi badh gaye ishq mein hadd se aage
Zamaane ne thokar lagaayi to jaage
Agar mar bhi jaate to hairat naa hoti
Hamein kaash tumse mohabbat na hoti

I crossed the lines in love by my own will
When the world crashed into me, then I awoke
I wouldn't have been surprised even if I would've died
I wish that I was never in love with You

then gently complains if only he had not lead her impossible hopes

Tumhi phoonk dete nasheman hamaare
Muhabbat pe ehsaan hota tumhaara
Zamaane se koyi shikaayat na hoti
Hamen kaash tumse mohabbat na hoti

Only if you had snuffed out the flicker of my love
That would had been your greatest kindness on my love
There wouldn't be any complaints from the world
I wish that I was never in love with You

Penned by Shakeel Badayuni, this is perhaps my favorite heartbreak song. I have been accused that my list of heartbreak songs comprises only songs like "apun jaise tapori ko kya maloom pyaar kis chidiya ka naam hai". Not that i dont like that song. but it dont feature in my favorite list. Just thought to make it clear :)

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