Aap ke haseen rukh pe

More than just love II

Posted by mdasif on January 24, 2016

A quintessential love ballad, honey laced Rafi saab's vocal that creates a goose-bumpy experience. This song is pure romance, quiet promise and above all devotion, in lyrics, in voice and in the way they look at each other. A very young Dharmendra serenades his lady love Tanuja who looks every bit in love. And if the lady looks so lovely, how can it be man's fault that his heart skips a beat when she is close by? In the song, the elder sister of the lady mistakenly assumes the praise is for her. Thats the problem singing in public, always make sure your beloved is the only woman around when you lay your heart in open :)

Jahan jahan pade kadam wahan fiza badal gayi
Ke jaise sar-basar bahaar aap hi mein dhal gayi
Kisi mein ye kashish kahan jo aap mein huzoor hain
Mera dil machal gaya toh mera kya qasoor hain?

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