Yeh hai bombay meri jaan

Cynicism continues III

Posted by mdasif on January 23, 2016

Continuing my list of cynical songs, with Rafi saab's lilting voice and Johnny Walker's mannerism this song does not sounds like a cynical one in first go. But lyrics are very cynical and blighting for the city which is symbol of hope for everyone in India. Bombay is the mothership who takes everyone and everything and gives them home but not all who turn to the city make it big. And then comes the disappointment and helplessness on one's situation. Once that happen, cynisism is not far left behind as cynicism is borne out of illusionary dreams and unfulfilled expectations.

Kahin building kahin traame kahin motor kahin mill
Milata hai yaha sab kuch ik milata nahin dil
Insaan ka nahin kahin naam o nishaan Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bombay meri jaan aye dil hai mushakil jeena yaha

Amidst the marvels of development and triumph of materialism, there is not a single trace of humanity in this bustling city.

Beghar ko aavaara yaha Kehate hans hans
Khud kaate gale sab ke kahe is ko business
Ik cheez ke hain kai naam yaha Zara hat ke zara bach ke

Poor has no respect and dignity in this city. Everyone lie, cheat & steal and call it business. These deceit game goes by any number of names.

Although the lady seems to be bent on making him change his mind.

Bura duniya jo hai kehata, aisa bhola tu na ban
Jo hai karta vo hai bharta, ye yaha ka hai chalan
dadagiri nahi chalne ki yaha, ye hai bombay ye hai bombay

You are naive if You call this world unfair. You reap what you sow, thats how game is played here which is fair and square.

It was written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and came out in 1956 same year as my father's birth and just a year shy of decade to India's independence. It was a fitting depiction of disappointment which started setting in once people started realising that task to glory of 'India - Sone ki Chidiya' is a very very long road.

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