Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Posted by mdasif on October 24, 2015

VK Singh is a douchebag who keeps sputtering crap whenever he opens his mouth, one who does not know his date of birth and keep boasting about how he served India in every second sentence. For his time during service, read this and cringe..

Anyways this arrogant prick had the audacity to go to Faridabad where two toddlers were burnt alive and draw an analogy of stoning dog to save his sorry ass govt’s inaction.

That also reminded me a poen written by Faiz that metaphorically associate dogs with the hard-working labourers, hardly sentient and cognizant human beings. As you read through the poem you will know what Faiz meant! He’s talking about everybody under the arrogant boot of power. But he finishes with what this group can do if arrogant rulers trifled too much with their dignity.

Yeh galiyon ke aawaaraa bekaar kutte
Ke bakshaa gayaa jinko zauq-e-gadaai,
Zamaane ki phatkaar sarmaayaa unkaa
Jahaan bhar ki dhatkaar unki kamaai.

Na aaraam shab ko na raahat sawere;
Ghilaazat mein ghar, naaliyon mein basere.
Jo bigde to ek doosare se ladaa-do;
Zaraa ek roti kaa tukdaa dikhaa-do.

Yeh har ek ki thokarein khaanewaale,
Yeh faaqon se uktaake mar jaanewaale,
Yeh mazloom makhlookh gar sar uthaa-e
To insaan sab sarkashi bhool jaaye.

Yeh chahein to duniyaa ko apnaa banaalein,
Yeh aaqaaon ki haddiyaan tak chabaadein.
Koi inko ehsaas-e-zillat dilaa-de,
Koi inki soyee hui dum hilaa-de.

Few years back, A progressive dissent music band ‘Swaang’ recreated the Faiz’ poem.

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