Dekh tere bhagwan ki haalat kya ho gayi insaan

Cynicism continues II

Posted by mdasif on December 22, 2014

Long time back i started compiling a list of cynical songs. I thought i will pick up the list again. Next song in the list is dekh tere insaan ki haalat kya ho gayi bhagwan which was the opening song of film Nastik in 1954. Set in the aftermath of partition violence, this movie held a mirror to our horrfying history and strongly condemned the hypocrisy of organised religion. One can understand how easy it was to lose one's faith in God, when one looked around and saw the carnage that people were capable of. This song still resonates today. I cannot help but feel that things have not changed much in the intervening decades.

Then Sahir had to go and parody this song with dekh tere bhagwan ki haalat kya ho gayi insaan. I must say the parody is even more cynical than the disillusionment of the original. But what else do you expect from Sahir?

This week’s new movie ‘Peekay’ and fabulous OMG reminded me of this song.

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